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The Rev. Roland D. Vega   Mrs. Robin Hubbard
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     Robin became part of the Ministry team September 1, 2009. She has worked in the administrative field for twenty-five years. She is the wife of Rev. Ken Hubbard and the mother of four children and eight grandchildren. Together, she and her husband founded Sky’s Haven Discipleship Ministries, Inc., Sky’s Haven was named in memory of her grandson Skylor Jason Whisenhunt . Baby Sky passed away on January 5, 2006.

        She and her husband are serving at Mount Bethel Community Church, her husband is the Pastor and she is his helpmate. She will soon begin work on a new website for the church. She helps out wherever needed. She has a heart for the homeless and the poor, the hurting and the mentally ill. She ministers to them at every opportunity.

Her hobbies include, art, painting, crocheting, floral design, wedding decorating, jewelry design, playing one of three saxaphones, cake decorating, small wedding cakes, photo restoration, ad design, brochures/postcards for ministries, event planning and she is a semi-professional photographer. Her business is Serendipity Images located at serendipityimages.design if you would like to check it out. She loves people!!!





Mrs. Ruth Muir    

Ruth has a BS in Biology, MA in Theology, and an MA in Clinical Psychology from Wheaton College, Illinois.  She spent 47 years in overseas ministry in Portugal, Angola, and Zambia.  She retired to Toccoa in 2001 with her husband, Peter. She began as choir director and then pianist/organist at Trinity Lutheran in 2002.










Mr. Whitney Hutchinson    
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